Private Violence

Screening: May 13, 2014, 5pm

Running Time: 80 minutes

Directed by Cynthia Hill

The most common question asked of domestic violence victims is, “Why didn’t you leave?” Private Violence introduces us to two women whose stories illustrate the complexities and problems inherent in that question and encourages us to reevaluate the discourse about domestic violence.

Kit Gruelle, a domestic violence survivor, has been an advocate for battered women for more than 25 years. We are privy to her educational sessions with police, consultations with experts in the medical and legal fields, and—most critically—her work with individuals, in particular Deanna. A young mother, Deanna miraculously survived kidnapping and brutal beatings by her ex-husband. When Deanna’s case goes to federal court, the stakes are raised as she and Kit battle to reunite her with her daughter, keep her abuser behind bars, and help her regain her dignity.

Shot with skill and immediacy, Private Violence is rooted in the extraordinary courage of Kit and Deanna, who shed light on the cycles of abuse and the shortcomings of law enforcement and the justice system. In the process, they represent hope, empowerment, and the possibility of change.

What the Critics Are Saying:
“Just by being truthful and honest with its subjects, Cynthia Hill’s film feels like a call to action. Listen to it.”
–Brian Tallerico, Film Threat

“Private Violence is directive American trauma thinkpiece, insistent that its troubles can be confronted head-on.”
–Clayton Dillard, The House Next Door

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