Shorts Program #1

Screening: Saturday, April 13, 2013, 1pm

Running time: 89 minutes

Includes a Q&A with shorts directors.

(Note: This program is unrated and is for mature audiences only.)

Air Conditions small
Air Conditions



11-year-old Matt has just come home from his mom’s funeral, when along comes Angela, a strange girl who says she’s from outer space. Having lost her mom too, she tells Matt that they can see their moms again.  He’ll just have to take a leap of faith… and enter her treehouse.  Directed by A.J. Sheeran and Sam Shapson.


For sixteen years cicadas live underground. They emerge for one glorious night to live out their lives in hope of finding happiness and maybe love. They gather for the grand Cicada  ball knowing that when the sun rises, their lives will come to an end.  Narrated by Stephen Fry. Directed by Mauricio Baiocchi.


Wolves make the best parents. Directed by Riley Stearns.


John Bedford is a 76-year-old butterfly collector. Immensely visual, the film follows John’s excursion to the jungles of Vietnam, plunging audiences into a world of wonder and childlike excitement.  But as the film reveals, our subject is as fragile as the habitat he loves and seeks to preserve. Directed by Dara Bratt.


After the departure of friend and drummer Mortimus, Black Metal bandmates Borknarg and Absu begin to lose hope that NECRONOMICA will ever achieve its place as the most evil band in the world. Borknarg hatches a plan to take their band to the next level, but he fears it might cost him his friendship with Absu. And friendship is a powerful thing: it is the foundation of any truly evil band. Directed by Kyle Bogart.


An air-conditioning repairman is lured onto the roof of a desolate building, deep in the industrial yards of Chicago. Trapped, he faces his doom while watching his captor’s grizzly plans unfold before his very eyes. Directed by Ryan Oliver.

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