Shorts Program # 2 (2016)

CCFF 2016 shorts poster

Screening Monday, May 23 @ 5:30pm.


The Send-Off – Emboldened by a giant block party on the evening of their high school prom, a group of students enter the night with the hope of transcending their rural town and the industrial landscape that surrounds them. Jury Award Winner for Texas Shorts at the SXSW Film Festival. Directed by Ivete Lucas and Patrick Bresnan. (13 min.)  Trailer

Pombo Loves You – A psychological ride into a distant father’s heroic but troubled past life. Animated. Winner of the Special Jury Recognition for Animated Short at the SXSW Film Festival. Directed by Steve Warne. (12 min.) Trailer

Killer – When Dusty masturbates for the first time, something bad happens… Winner of the Jury Award  for Best Narrative Short, Sarasota Film Festival. Directed by Matt Kazman. (20 min.) Trailer

Figure – It’s white and windy all around. A gigantic figure emerges from behind the snow curtain and hits the road. It passes towns, villages, houses, to land on top of a hill next to spiders, saints and bumper cars. FIGURE is a surreal tale of creating myths, about religious kitsch, and about the desire for greatness. Who is our protagonist? The world’s largest sacral miniature park resident. A gigantic contradiction. Documentary. Directed by Katarzyna Gondek (9 min.) Trailer

Heila Ormur – A man, infected, runs for his life. Animated. Directed by Rose Stark. (4 min.)

Love Bite – No one on the planet has drawn more than Laurie Lipton. With millions of tiny strokes of her humble pencil, Laurie’s haunted images seek answers to some of the most uncomfortable themes in our culture – fear, politics, sexuality, mayhem, greed and indifference. But what compels her to live a life of isolation drawing is neither black nor white. Featuring Terry Gilliam. Documentary. Directed by James Scott. (36 min.)

TRT: 91 min.

May 1-7, 2020 at the Music Box Theatre

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