Shorts Program II


CCFF Shorts poster 2014 jpg

Screening: Monday, May 12, 2014, 5pm

Running Time: 84 minutes

Peepers – A New York couple’s perfect lives are disrupted when they discover they are being watched through their apartment window. Finding it impossible to eat dinner under the scrutiny of strangers, Todd and Tamara begin to unravel as they become increasingly self-aware and critical of their own existence. Unable to cope with the pressures of an examined life, they must confront the ‘peepers’ who are watching them or risk exposing what they’ve been hiding all along – themselves. Written by and starring Laura Grey and Jordan Klepper (The Daily Show).  Nominated for a SXSW Grand Jury Award.

I’m A Mitzvah – I’m a Mitzvah features a fish out of water American, David, who ends up in rural Mexico to claim his recently deceased friend to bring him back to the US for a proper funeral. The film is a dark and eccentric drama with comedic undercurrents.  Ben Schwartz (Parks and Rec, House of Lies, Peep World) stars.  A nominee for the Best Short Film Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival.

CRIME: The Animated Series – a gritty, raw, disturbing animated documentary of real life accounts, narrated by everyday people who know all too well the violent struggles of street life and crime. Make no mistake, these cartoon tales are as spine-tingling as any thriller.

The Cut – When Fannie offers her father to cut his hair, he accepts. Alain knows that his daughter will do it carefully and thoroughly, as usual. But an outside incident changes their plans and confronts the precariousness of this shared moment. The Cut tells the story of a father and a daughter, whose relationship fluctuates between proximity and detachment, at the moment of a haircut.  Winner of the Grand Jury Award for Best International Short at the Sundance Film Festival.

Notes On Blindness – In 1983 writer and theologian John Hull went blind. He began keeping an audio diary to make sense of his loss. With exclusive access to these original audio recordings, NOTES ON BLINDNESS is a cinematic documentary encompassing dreams, memory and imaginative life, excavating the interior world of blindness.

Londoners – Shot entirely on a 100 year old wooden hand-cranked 35mm camera, Londoners documents modern day London as you have never seen before. It shows the city as a community: a snapshot of contemporary history about what it is like to live in London today.

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