copenhagenScreening: Saturday, May 10, 2014, 3:45pm

Running Time: 98 minutes

Directed by Mark Raso

Starring Gethin Anthony and Fredrikke Dahl Hansen

Synopsis: Winner of the Audience Award at this year’s Slamdance Film Festival, this film follows immature adult William who, while on a trip through Europe to visit his father’s birthplace, meets the much younger but startlingly mature Effy. As the two search for his grandfather, William finds himself increasingly taken with Effy as he finds himself confronting both his family’s tortured past and the promise of an unexpected future.

What the Critics Are Saying:

“Two excellent performances bolster a thoughtful script, and the result is that the discomfort we feel seems perfectly controlled by the filmmakers. The movie is candid and disturbing but never exploitative.”
–Stephen Farber, The Hollywood Reporter

“Copenhagen is flawless in its narration, technicality, action and silence. Everything about the film pulsates illusion and stark realism in equal measure— even down to Copenhagen’s gingerbread-architecture juxtaposed against the starkness of surrounding landscape and societal detachment.”
–Amy R. Handler, Film Threat

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